Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)


Payment type Priority Regular
Cut off time (UK Time) n/a 4:30 pm
Delivery time frame n/a 0 days
Maximum payment size n/a IDR 350,000,000
Payment Scheme n/a SKN
Destination countries n/a Indonesia
Traces n/a No
Recalls n/a No
Ultimate payer displayed? n/a No

Required details

Regular payment

Local IDR is a restricted currency.

Field Individual Company Permitted Data Notes
Beneficiary Entity Type ‘individual’ or ‘company’ only
Beneficiary First Name 1-255 characters*
Beneficiary Last Name 1-255 characters*
Beneficiary Company Name 1-255 characters*
Beneficiary Address 1-255 characters*
Beneficiary City 1-255 characters*
Beneficiary Country 1-255 characters*
Account Number 1-20 digits
BIC SWIFT Valid ISO 9362 SWIFT BIC code; 8 or 11 alphanumeric characters
Payment Currency 3 letter ISO currency code
Payment Amount Numeric amount
Payment Reference 1-255 characters*
Payment Reason 1-255 characters*
Payer Entity Type ‘individual’ or ‘company’ only
Payer First Name 1-255 characters*
Payer Last Name 1-255 characters*
Payer Company Name 1-255 characters*
Payer Address 1-255 characters*
Payer City 1-255 characters*
Payer Country 2 letter ISO country code
Payer Date of Birth ISO 8601 format (YYYY-MM-DD).

* Please note that non ASCII characters will be transformed to ASCII equivalent or removed on a best endeavours basis in order to comply with the restrictions of the domestic payment scheme.